More Kanghua boats

As well as racing boats, Kanghua also manufactures touring boats, coaching launches and dragon boats. The Kanghua Phoenix touring boats are becoming increasingly popular for recreational rowing and are available in 4x+, 2x and Ix configurations. They are supplied with classic aluminium sculling riggers and useful storage compartments.

Practical, versatile and easily manoeuvrable, the Kanghua catamaran is the ideal coaching/umpires’ launch for clubs, events, schools and universities. Carefully designed to offer the highest levels of safety and comfort, it features padded seats, a cover to protect occupants from sun and rain, and a windscreen. Sealed sidewalls ensure that the catamaran will float, at weights up to 900kg, even if both hulls should become waterlogged.

Kanghua is currently developing an exciting new dragon boat range. Watch this space for details!


Phoenix construction

External skin Glassfibre
Internal skin Carbon / Kevlar
Reinforcement Carbon tapes
Core material Core mat
Seat decking Carbon / Kevlar Hand laminated (epoxy resin)

Kanghua catamaran

Specification Fittings
Length: 6.1 metres Two seats
Width: 2.05 metres Polycarbonate windscreen
Height: 1.6 metres Steering wheel with push-pull bowden
Net weight (without engine): 200kg Stainless steel handle
Max power capability: 25hp Accumulator holder