Kanghua KX

Aimed at international-level athletes, the Kanghua KX range of racing boats is constructed from the very latest high-temperature-cured carbon, making them stronger, stiffer and lighter than standard all-carbon boats. Aerospace-grade honeycomb core provides stiffness and excellent resistance to impacts and water ingress. The Kanghua KX has carbon-finish interior and trim, and features premium shoes using the latest breathable and weatherproof fabrics, and sole technology that maximises stability and power transfer.

Available in all weights and types, from Ix through to 8+, all Kanghua KX boats are based on the popular hull shapes widely used in top-class competition and come with aluminium wing riggers, chevrons/spears if required and a five-year warranty on the hull. Carbon bow wing sculling riggers are available as an option.

ES Rowing Services carries the full range of spares.


KX construction

External skin Uni-directional pre-preg carbon
Internal skin Carbon
Reinforcement Carbon tapes
Core material Aerospace-grade honeycomb
Seat decking Carbon
Ribs Carbon
Curing type Epoxy
Vacuum-sealed Yes
Oven-cured Yes

Special Offers

Please see our Boats in Stock page for a number of special offers on our KX range.